The business of Facilities Management or FM is so wide that it is best defined as “any business outside the main business of an organization.” Triad Facilities Management Partnership Ltd, TRIADFM, a private company limited by shares and registered in Nigeria (RC1036155) was thus conceived and set up with the intention of providing this largely undefined but very important service of Real Estate Facilities Management (REFM) consulting to public and private institutions in Nigeria and Africa.

With the near phenomenal growth recorded in the private sector especially, the business of managing facilities with value and annual facilities costs in excess of N1billion can no longer be left to internal managers alone if sustainability, fiscal, physical and environmental is to be achieved. There is therefore, an urgent need for an experienced team of professionals to support organizations and managers by providing sustainable solutions resulting from independent professional insights.

Our seasoned consultants at TRIADFM with the support of our faculty advisers and technical partners are poised to help your management and shareholders succeed by attracting cost savings, enhancing cost and value efficiency and ultimately improve the bottom line of your organization through a three-pronged approach of FM, RE and IT. But you must take the first step by issuing TRIADFM an RFP (Request for Proposal) today!